Depression In College: Video Interviews With Students On Battling Depression

TWO VIDEO REPORTS: The personal stories of a University of Northern Iowa student and recent University of Iowa graduate bring to life the problems students with depression deal with when trying to earn a college degree. See them tell their stories in this special report, “Depression in College”.

Students Battling Depression Reveal Their Personal Struggles To Graduate

Anxiety, depression and stress are reality for Jordon Deutmeyer, a 23-year-old University of Northern Iowa student who has dropped out of two schools, attempted suicide, and failed a multitude of classes. “I just remember trying really hard in all of my classes,” Deutmeyer said. “I never skipped, I never did anything, I tried really hard. I would just get C’s back or fail. “And the more times I did that, the more it was pounding into me that I was an inferior student and I don’t belong here.”
He got a lesson that any college students dealing with depression learn – that while earning a bachelor’s degree in college requires anyone to overcome obstacles, students with depression can find themselves overcoming even darker challenges.

Public Reports Don’t Tell The Whole Story About Campus Crime

Prospective college students and their parents should be cautious when using university crime statistics to select a school. The statistics are unreliable because of several reasons, all tied to the system in place for collecting and reporting them, law enforcement officials say.

Student Debt for Iowa’s New College Graduates Remains High

IowaWatch project with college student journalists in Iowa shows that, despite growing numbers of state and federal programs aimed at improving students’ financial literacy and years of talk about Iowa’s high student debt, students continue to graduate with debt that will follow them long after they leave the classroom. This report includes video interviews from students affected by their debt.

Campus Safety Alert Systems For Students Vary, Leaving Coverage Gaps

Iowa’s public universities are getting emergency safety alerts out to students, but how they do it is different on each campus. And the effectiveness of some kinds of communication comes into question, especially when it comes to reaching students by their prime mean of communication: mobile.

Getting G.I. Benefits is a Challenge for Iowa’s Veterans in College

The Post 9/11 G.I. Bill promises a college education, paid in full, for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Getting that promise fulfilled however, is difficult for some Iowa veterans whose payments arrive as many as two months later than expected, leaving them struggling to pay for housing and other living expenses.