IowaWatch Connection: Payday Loans

For many who are in trouble financially, their only option is to get money from a payday loan or “E-Z cash” business. But the fees, charges and interest that go with that can lead to big trouble down the road.

High-Interest Payday Loans Called Predatory, But Regulations Die In Iowa Legislature

Brian Curtis took out his first payday loan when he was 19. It took more than a decade before he got out from under it and the climbing interest payments that followed. “It’s a trap,” he said. Curtis, 37, and living in Davenport, said he had roughly $5,000 in payday loan debt after taking out loans for a $1,500 car repair while living in Florida, and then again when he moved to Missouri and needed a deposit for an apartment. Add to that more than $22,000 in interest that accrued and he said he faced a bill topping $27,000.