Senate Bill Would Ease HIV Transmission Law

State legislators are expected to consider a bill to ease parts of a controversial Iowa law allowing
imprisonment of HIV-infected people for up to 25 years if they don’t reveal their condition
before having “intimate contact” with another person.

Evangelical Radio Host Rallies Fans, Rouses Debate

Steve Deace is known for controversial radio commentaries, which weave religion into politics. His show touches on issues popular among evangelical voters, who have played an important role in Iowa politics and in the caucus.

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From the editor: Fixing our mistakes

Dear Friends of IowaWatch:

As those of you who have followed our adventure into the wilds of the non-profit journalism movement may know, last week was one we would like to forget. Our editing system – the one I created – failed. We published some fact errors, including a serious misquote. Now, we want to do something about that, and I want your help. The errors appeared in a major explanatory project of vital importance to the public, which means more is at stake here than IowaWatch’s wounded ego.

Investigative News Network accepts Iowa Center

The Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism has been accepted into the Investigative News Network, a national consortium of non-profit investigative news centers. The Center was among seven other non-profit journalism organizations to have its membership application approved earlier this week by the INN membership committee, bringing the total membership to 33. “The [Iowa Center’s] application sailed through, due to the strengths of the their plans, staff and board,” said Andy Hall, a member of the INN membership committee, executive director of the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism, and an Iowa Center board member. According to its Web site, the INN plans to aid nonprofit start-ups in producing investigative and public service stories, encouraging editorial collaboration, and developing business models that will help sustain INN member organizations. “It gives us a chance to get involved in national collaborative journalistic efforts with other non-profit investigative journalism organizations,” said Stephen J. Berry, interim executive director-editor of the Center.