Iowa’s Land Yacht

Forest City, Iowa, home of Winnebago Industries—well-known for bringing modern camping innovations to Iowa in the 1950s. But long before anyone had heard of Winnebago campers, a man in another Iowa community was gaining recognition for his design of a “camping car”—or “land yacht” as some called it.

News Quiz: Presidents’ Day in Iowa

A Monday is set aside each February to note the Feb. 12 birthday of Abraham Lincoln and Feb. 22 birthday of George Washington. While Iowa plays a significant role in the country’s presidential elections it also has had an impact on the presidency in other ways. See how well you know Iowa’s presidential history.

News Quiz: Newspapers in Iowa’s history

For as long as Iowa has existed newspapers have recorded the events and people shaping communities, informing current residents but also leaving a history for future generations. But you might not be aware of a few things found in the history of Iowa newspapers.

News Quiz: Iowa’s Governors

Terry Branstad’s inauguration for a sixth term as Iowa governor is scheduled for Jan. 16, extending his record as Iowa’s longest-serving governor. Test your knowledge on some of the other chief executives who have served the state during its history.

News Quiz: The History of Flight in the Hawkeye State

On December 17, 1903, Orville and Wilbur Wright took to the air in the famous Kitty Hawk flight, the first successful flight in a man-powered airplane. Over the next decades, the adventure of conquering the air captivated the world, including many Iowans. Test your knowledge about the roots of aviation in Iowa.

News Quiz: Myths And Truths About The Iowa Caucuses

Yes, the presidential precinct caucuses will not be held until 2016 but candidates eyeing the White House are lining up in both the Republican and Democratic parties. That means they have been lining up already to visit Iowa, where the nation’s first precinct caucuses start the presidential nomination season. At times, it seems as though the caucuses have taken on mythical status. See if you know which is myth, and which is the truth.