News Quiz: Grant Wood

Iowa painter Grant Wood, recognized mainly for his regionalist style and portrayal of the American Midwest, was born in Anamosa, Iowa, in 1891, and lived there for ten years until the death of his father. For the remainder of his life, Wood lived mostly in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City, and is still celebrated as a famous Iowan.

Grant Wood Illustrates Children’s Book

In 1936 when the children’s storybook Farm on the Hill was published, most Iowans knew Grant Wood as a famous Midwestern artist who was born on a farm near Anamosa in 1891, grew up in Cedar Rapids, and gained instant fame after painting “American Gothic” in 1930, a portrait of a stern looking couple standing in front of their Gothic style wood farm house in Eldon, Iowa. People may not be as familiar with his work from this book.