Best Breadmaker In Iowa Award, 1912, Goes To 11-Year-Old Girl

“Lois is such a little girl that she had to get on her knees on the stool in the cooking
laboratory in order to knead her bread,” an official from the college in Ames said. The
spokesperson was describing how Lois Edmonds, an 11-year- old girl from Page County, became the best breadmaker in Iowa in 1912. Iowa History, a weekly column, appears at IowaWatch on Saturdays. Cheryl Mullenbach is the author of non-fiction books for young people. Her work has been recognized by International Literacy Association, American Library Association, National Council for Social Studies, and FDR Presidential Library and Museum.

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Fox News Debate Fires Up Candidates

IowaWatch’s coverage of the Fox News debate in Ames. Republican presidential hopefuls like Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney, and John Huntsman Jr. threw off the gloves during the debate, attacking both President Obama and each other as the race for the nomination beings to heat up.

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Ames Woman’s Ordeal Leads to Child Sex Abuse Bill

The last time Nikki Russell hugged her grandpa, she felt disgusted.  She wanted to get as far away from him as possible. His embrace triggered too many disturbing memories from her childhood.
Nikki Russell, 28, of Ames, Iowa, is a victim of child sexual abuse. For years Russell suffered from severe depression, but could not point to what caused her anxiety and suicidal thoughts. After she embraced her grandpa at her aunt’s funeral though, she began putting pieces of her childhood together.

Gazing at Soil from Space, an ISU Professor Fulfills Environmental Calling

When Brian Hornbuckle cranes his neck to the nighttime sky, he’s probably not pondering the beauty of the constellations, but thinking about what’s in the Iowa soil right under his feet. Yet he’s neither absent-minded, nor a contradiction. He’s just a man who has found his niche – where astronomy, physics and environmental science collide.

Through his work, Hornbuckle says he hopes to help keep agriculture profitable and to give Iowans better information on how to maintain soil and water quality, and a favorable climate.