Wind Energy Industry Spun Into Bat Preservation Effort

Iowa’s wind industry must deal with unwanted bat deaths as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service tries to stop the slaughter of one species – the northern long-eared bat. This, despite wind turbines not being the bats’ main tormentor.

IowaWatch Receives Statewide Award For Its Journalism

The Iowa Association for Justice (IAJ) has announced that it is giving its 2014 Excellence in Journalism Award to the Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism, which runs the non-profit news organization

Jim Bohannon: We Should Be Passionately, Shamelessly Promoting First Amendment Benefits

Jim Bohannon, host of the popular radio news talk programs “The Jim Bohannon Show” and “America in the Morning”, spoke Oct. 2, 2014, in Des Moines at the annual Celebrating a Free Press and Open Government Banquet about the power of the First Amendment, and work he says needs to be done to preserve the freedoms the Amendment promises. You may view his address here in two parts. RELATED:
Brian Cooper, Michael Gartner Named IowaWatch Free Press Champions
The banquet was hosted by the Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism in partnership with the Iowa Freedom of Information Council and Iowa Newspaper Foundation. Additional sponsors were the Associated Press, Iowa Broadcasters Association and the Faegre Baker Daniels law firm of Des Moines.

Sex Offender Programming In Iowa Starts at Mount Pleasant

The programming hub for incarcerated sex offenders is at the Mount Pleasant Correctional Facility. The medium security prison houses men and women, and specializes in treating male offenders with substance abuse problems and sex offenses. It always is filled to capacity, which caps at 250 for inmates in sex offender treatment, corrections officials said. All of Iowa’s prisons offer more generalized programs for inmates, including basic education, vocational and social skill building and work force development. Once a year, many of them hold a three-day program called the Alternatives to Violence Project, a non-profit aimed at providing non-violence training.

Support IowaWatch Journalism With A Tax-Deductible Donation

The Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism is in an ambitious year in which it wants to engage Iowans in news that affects their lives. You can support that effort with a tax-deductible donation. The Center, founded in 2010 and distributing news through its website,, and various news outlets statewide, is the only non-profit, non-partisan news and student training organization of its kind in Iowa. With its three-fold mission: public service, education, and sustainability, the center is dedicated to:

Long-form, in depth investigative and public affairs journalism. Collaborating with other news media on local, state, regional and national level
Being transparent about its work and its funding sources.

Huge Debts Temper Job Searches For 2014 College Graduates In Iowa

Plenty of seniors on Iowa college campuses interviewed this spring for an IowaWatch report on college debt and attitudes about finding a job have been in an ‘in-the-now moment’. They will graduate soon and many of them don’t have solid plans for paying the bills.