Buena Vista University Students Get First Crack At Iowa Caucuses

Young and old gathered around tables Monday, Feb. 1, in Storm Lake, Iowa, to discuss politics and the candidates for whom they planned to vote. Some were dressed in patriotic colors while others sported red, white and blue Uncle Sam hats.

Democratic Caucus-Goer Takes You Inside His Precinct

Excitement and tension built as 284 people waited to see if the Democratic candidate they came out to support would take the majority number of delegates at precinct 36 in Cedar Rapids.

Big Crowds for Big Night at Iowa Caucuses

The anticipated large crowds for Iowa’s first-in-the-nation presidential precinct caucuses were packing Democratic and Republican meeting places tonight, delaying some caucuses. The voting finally started though.

Meet the New York state artist following Donald Trump with a big painting on his truck

Iowans near Donald Trump’s campaign rallies might have seen a painting of Trump emblazoned on the side of a large truck outside the event. There it was on the University of Northern Iowa campus, parked next to the West Gym where a Trump rally was held on Tuesday, Jan. 12. Seated in the driver’s seat was artist and evangelist Julian Raven, the man behind the enormous piece of artwork.